비긴 비건 프로젝트
(Begin Vegan Project)

지속 가능한 채식 문화 확산을 위한 비긴 비건 프로젝트 (@beginvegun)

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The Begin Vegan challenge was launched in April 2022, after three official months of planning and preparation from promotions, member recruitment to preliminary evaluation.

Initially the objectives of the project were set to be the following:

  • to raise awareness on veganism and animal welfare and climate crisis

  • to trigger behavioural changes in veganism with fun, motivating and inspiring activities

  • to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing on useful tips for veganism

With the aim of achieving these objectives, the project managers of Bigwave proposed and implemented key programs to promote and engage with 160 participants to successfully complete a vegetarian and/or vegan month.  For evaluation, the platform committee developed a survey to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the changes in perception and awareness of the participants before and after participation. Although the aims of each activities may overlap in some areas, the results of the exit survey to evaluate the impact in three specific criteria.

Uploading informational posts on Instagram and carrying out the seminar, helped raise overall awareness on veganism and associated issues such as climate change and animal welfare. Furthemore, most participants were generally satisfied with offline seminar where relevant experts were invited to speak on topics connecting veganism to animal welfare and climate change. 


2022. 04.20       캠페인 모집 시작

2022. 04.29       캠페인 모집 종료

2022. 04.30       오리엔테이션

2022. 05.01       챌린지 캠페인 진행

2022. 05.19       수다줌 : 비긴비건 고민상담소

2022. 05.21       오프라인 1차 모임

2022. 05.25       오프라인 2차 모임

2022. 05.29       영화공유회 <더게임체인저스>

2022. 05.31       오프라인 3차 모임

2022. 05.01       캠페인 진행

2022. 06.04       온오프라인세미나


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